Madrid here we come!

February 22, 2009

My first trip to Madrid.

I am excited. It is my first trip to Madrid. It is my first time on the Ave high speed train.

We leave Fuengirola station at 08:45 and one hour later we arrive in Malaga to catch the 09.00 high speed train to Madrid. There is security and x-raying of bags. I find this a bit unexpected for a train.

However, calmly and unrushed we took our pre-booked seats and sat back. We were off smoothly.

An attendant came round with a set of headphones. By 09.10 we are passing mountains on our left and agricultural land on our right. The area is dotted with houses and the occasional white pueblo. We are travelling at 186 km hr. The temperature is 14 degrees.

A movie, Charlie Wilson has started. I pass but understand that it can be watched in English with Spanish subtitles. There is a language choice.

We are now in a long tunnel after which as we emerge we see plenty of olive tree plantations, green fields and greenish brown hillsides that remind me of another country.

We stop at Antiquera (Santa Ana) bathed in sunshine at 09.26. As we pull away a flock of birds begins to follows us but veer away to the right in formation. The other passengers in our carriage are reading reports, talking on their mobile phones and using their computers. The train is doing 288 km . Now we’re motoring!

We stop at Cordoba at 10.00 for about a minute and we are off again. Dark skies are taking over from the blue but after 20 minutes the blue returns and just as quickly change to grey clouds and fog as we pull into Puertollano. Fog has now descended and is a pea-souper with little to see beyond the hedge groves and within 20m on either side of the train.

The fog lifts as we slide into Cuidad Real. Another Ave pulls into the station going in the opposite direction on its way to Malaga. The toilet on the train is a modern treat and the cafe/bar area is as lively as all Spanish bars with lots of chat and noise.

The final hour of our journey is through lush green land. I wonder why there are no seat belts as on airplanes but there is plenty of leg room. The green fields eventually give way to industrialisation, the sprawling mass of residential properties, commercialisation and offices.

We are in Madrid Atocha.

That didn’t feel like 3 hours!

Ave fast speed train

Ave fast speed train


Just another Friday morning.

September 14, 2008

A4 print of a photo taken at random from my window one Friday morning as I looked out at the stunning cloud formation.

I have decided to make and offer 5 limited edition prints of this Photo and will sign and number each one.

I can send it framed or unframed.

Framed price €136.00 and unframed €95.00.

The Atlantic Ocean

March 3, 2006

The Atlantic Ocean

The link between The USA and our Island, Ireland. The sea which so many crossed over the centuries to find fame and fortune, to escape famine and oppressive landlords and in many cases to this day the harsh graveyard of so many.

The image is from one of a series of river gods commissioned by the famous architect James Gandon (1743-1823) from Edward Smyth, a virtually unknown sculptor who worked on them from 1780 to their completion in 1786, for the Custom House in Dublin. ©

Framed price: €400.00.

Unframed: €350.00.

New Oil Paintings

February 3, 2006

Abstract 2006-2

Abstract 2006-3

Abstract 2006-4

 Abstract 2006-5

Abstract 2006-6

Hello world!

February 1, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

I´ll leave it in as it will serve to remind me of how I started out with WordPress.

Title:  Artist Roger Cummiskey